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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I had a great conversation with Albert. Instantly piqued, I pummelled him with loads of questions:

How much advertising? None. Just word of mouth.

How long in business? 26 years.

How long just buying one piece of each creation? 6 years.

Big difference? Never been better. The place is packed.

You know blogs? Yes.

Why not blog? I don’t want those clients.

What the … why not? The people that come through the door need to already know what we sell, why we sell it, and to be ready to pay this price. I don’t want curious, I want clients. Anything else takes too much time for this level of service … besides, I’m too busy already. (Hugh? Thoughts?)

Any plans to expand? No way, I’m exactly where I want to be … I got the right set of clients, I travel to buy pieces, I couldn’t do this right and be any bigger.

This is so rich.

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