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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I’ve been given several great career options recently. Two were particularly fetching:

1. Stay in government but raise the game to another level — Start helping the highest level bureaucrats identify, learn about, and build strategies on long-range issues facing governments before they become a part of the political debate. Offered:

  • strong ability to identify future, high-level issues and package learning in a persuasive and compelling way
  • deep network with every high-level bureaucrat and CEO of government
  • an opportunity to move government by influencing the head rather than the tail
  • 2. Switch to a private, early-stage venture investment company and become an investment manager — Offered:

  • deep knowledge of VC-type investments, business assessment, and business coaching
  • opportunity to work with major players in the food, bio-product, industrial product, and financial sectors (in an industry poised to explode)
  • an opportunity to move industry through entrepreneurism rather than political maneuvers
  • Well, after a long and torturous deliberation, I chose the private venture company. I’ll be working with start-ups and early stage ventures in a really unique business environment: We are a not-for-profit venture investment company. Go figure. There’s like … one in Canada.

    We don’t take equity positions with our investments but this allows us to invest in ideas for renewable resource ventures that are either too risky or not yet sufficiently viable enough to attract equity-driven investments. It’s this sweet mix of soft social benefits, future-oriented visioning, and strategic long-range decision making.

    I gotta tell you: I’m tickled.

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