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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I talked to Doug Hall last week — I’ve been trying to make a few important career choices and wanted his advice. He asked two questions: “where will you grow more” and “what adds more diversity”.

Growth and diversity, these like NOS and 21″ rims for careers. I’m including them more explicitly in my decision filter. The filter is a set of questions that start with “Which opportunity …”

– Leaves sufficient room for me to be the husband, father, and friend I want to be?
– Gives the most chances to be visionary?
– Consistently asks me to be strategic?
– Rewards spectacular performance (and punishes sub-standard performance)?
– Is in a field I know very little about (encourages knowledge building)?
– Builds hard skills I can take anywhere?
– Puts me in the company of people I admire?
– Makes for the best story?
– Is an intuitive, adventurous, calculated risk?

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