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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I know I’ve been giving Dave Pollard props; but the guy does good work.

Today he has another piece I like. Today he’s describing four types of innovation and overlays it with the methodology from Blue Ocean Strategy.

Of particular value are the ten paths to innovation:

But I think it can be even more subtle. The examples Dave gives are all of funky innovations, which are great if you can get them – but I think the real value is in the opportunities that may exist in these areas of your company.

For example: instead of seeking to innovate one of your core processes, consider how one of your core processes might lend itself to new business models. Maybe you have a unique way of handling the flow of supplies – think about replicating that system to handle customers. Maybe you’ve got this tight system for interfacing with a printing agency in another part of the country – consider using that system to interface with remote clients.

Innovation can be brand new or it can be replication; as I’ve written before: replicating systems is good.

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