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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

So, I’ve got a baby right? And like nearly every other adult on the planet I’m always putting my face about one inch from his cute little nose.

When I’m with him, I’m always right up close and when my wife picks him up to carry him off somewhere I’m always amazed at how small he actually is. All that time spent so close to him — I think of him as far bigger.

And it seems to me that this is one of the key difficulties in the life of an entrepreneur too. One friend calls it “toilet paper syndrome” — the idea is that entrepreneurs spend so much time fixing stupid problems like getting more TP for the can that they forget what business they are in.

You’re so close to every-day-issues you mistakenly think they are huge. At the same time you forget the real mission at hand: building a fledgling business/raising a tiny baby.

This is where an outside perspective is handy. Or a wife buff enough to carry you away from your business so you can see it with the right perspective.

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