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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I’ve been poking at sift for the last month or two. I’ve been wondering what this blog’s for. Not because I doubt the value of what all this is about. Nor do I question my interest in this work. I’m all in. No, what I question is “why blog?”

I think I’m off track. This blog has become a straining attempt at popularity; it’s a stumbling struggle to copy someone else’s success. Screw it. The first phase of the experiment is over. The literature review is done. Now it’s time to set up tests and get busy.

So, what now? What is sift to be about? What is the next phase of the experiment?

The second phase is about big ideas, new perspectives, better fits, making a whole out of pieces. Less about convincing people to care and more about caring. It’s about forming a set of criteria, principles, philosophies, and perspectives for thinking.

It’s about creating a brita-filter for business.

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