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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Ok, I’m back.

During the break — in between changing diapers, burping babies and battling a wicked cold, I’ve been thinking about this blog. What’s it for? Who cares? What now?

I asked a few months ago who was reading this and why. That post is actually my sixth most popular of all time but it generated minimal response. I hope this one gets a bit more action.

I’ve badgered the entrepreneurs I work with to seek the advice of their clients more explicitly. I’d like to follow my own advice and ask those that read this blog what they value most about what they read. I’ve been delivering a fairly broad smorgasbord of topics here and I wonder if some focus is needed.

I write regularly on:

– innovation,
– insight,
– education,
– business book tid-bits,
– synthesis across disciplines,
– strategy,
– science, and
– economics.

Is the mix good? Too wide? Any gaps? Does this fill a need or is it sufficiently covered by other writers?

Of course I’m going to consider this some more on my own, but I’d love the advice of anyone willing to toss in a comment.

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