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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Having slogged through the metaphysical and skidded through the practical we now need a middle-manager class pitch – the 5 minute version. Again, Bill Joss and an article in Fast Company provide the details.

The 5-minute pitch is all about laying out the nuances of your plan. Give the detail that is lacking in the 60-second version. Here Bill’s talking executive summary but it’s nearly the same thing as a 5-minute pitch.

Experienced horse-race bettors want to know three things about every race: the quality of the track, of the horse, and of the rider.

The Track

The marketplace is the racetrack. Bettors don’t want to view the racetrack from a blimp. They want to know whether the track is wet or dry, sandy or firm, slick or sticky. The same goes for investors interested in your marketplace. Don’t show them the view from Jupiter. The more grassroots market knowledge you can demonstrate, the better.

The Horse

A new business idea must act like a racehorse. It must be fast, fluid, and flexible enough to lead the field even in times of change. Investors want to see the reasoning behind your assumptions. The thinking that goes into a business plan is extremely valuable. Get the plan on paper — 60 pages, 80 pages, whatever it takes — then boil it down to 2.

The Jockey

The jockey is the team that steers a business idea to market. Smart bettors bet on jockeys. Human capital is simply harder to acquire than financial capital. The team is the most important part of you pitch — devote a significant amount of space to your jockey.

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