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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Yesterday was the first of three pieces on creating a tangible 60-second pitch. Today is the second. For this I’ve used two points made by Mel Perchesky (don’t know who this guy is but his advice is good).

Mel says:

60-second pitches “have two components: the first ten seconds and the remaining fifty. The objective of the first ten seconds is to have [whoever’s getting pitched] want to listen to the next fifty seconds more intently than they would have otherwise.”

It’s like the first 5-pages rule for books or the first 5-minutes rule for stores — catching attention immediately is critical.

“The first ten seconds of the [60-second] statement also has two components. It should contain what you do or what your niche is. Secondly, it should also contain a reference that independently validates your value-proposition.”

And it should include your tag-line. In 10 seconds you should intrique, introduce, and inform.

Don’t try to cram too many details into your first 10 seconds. Your goal is to catch some attention and once captured you want to have them wanting to know more.

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