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Forsaking the metaphysical (1,2,3), today we get into the tangibles of a 60-second pitch. For this I leaned heavily on the advice of Bill Joss and an article in Fast Company called Perfecting Your Pitch.

Here are 10 tips for outlining your pitch:

1. Be Concise:

Brevity requires effort — think hard about the essentials of your message and ruthlessly cut away the unnecessary details. An pitch is a clear, concise and well-practiced description of your company — about 150-225 words.

2. Put a tag on it:

Start with a tag line — a wordplay to pique interest in your pitch. A tag line must encapsulate your business’s core purpose or product, but, more important, it must grab your audience’s attention.

3. Solve a Problem:

Right after your tag line, launch into an explanation of the need you plan to meet.

4. Turn adversity into opportunity:

Every problem offers the opportunity for a solution. Once you’ve presented your prognosis, lay out your prescription. Boil down the unique elements of your approach into one or two sentences.

5. Tell Them What They Want to Hear:

Describe your product or service and its benefits succinctly. Depending on your audience, you may also have to:

– define and size the market
– explain how you’re going to make money
– tell who is behind the company and
– frame the competitive landscape and your advantage in it.

6. Speak in Plain English:

Talk in tangibles, not abstractions, throughout your pitch. Frame the problem, your unique solution, and the benefits your company will bring to the man on the street.

7. Tailor Your Pitch to Your Audience

8. Show your passion.

You have to act like a new parent showing off pictures of your newborn. If you can’t get excited about your plan, you’re done.

9. Conclude With a Call to Action:

Always end your pitch with a call to action, but recognize that different audiences prompt different requests.

10. Tell a Consistent Story:

Nothing sounds worse than fumbling, inaccurate or contradictory company descriptions.


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