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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Oh hey, this looks pretty good! Aggregation a la PEI.

Robert Paterson and Jevon MacDonald have started Marketing Filter and it has the promise of being an helpful sift technology.

Some interesting points are raised in the comments. In particular Alan’s questions are sharp. He asks:

“Is there not an issue of when a marketing blog is not actually blogging about marketing? If the aggregator does not vet posts you are subject to the focus of the bloggers from whom you draw content.

“I do not think the model is adaptable to all topics, it is?”

I’ve got a couple questions too:

How does this not get too big too? Robert and company are trying to solve the challenge of information overload. But they’ve chosen “marketing” as their experimental field and while that is probably a good marketing move in itself the field is gigantic, ill-defined and ever-evolving. I understand that they will use a core group of bloggers to sift marketing ideas but they also plan on grabbing emerging writers too. Won’t it get big fast?

And Alan hints at another concern: What about vetting? How do you vet without understanding your client? I’m loving the idea of Marketing Filter but I think it really has legs if the filter can be tailored to specific clients. It’d be like a choose-your-own-adventure but for feeds.

It’s really a two part challenge. What information is new and needed? Why is that information usefil.

sift is about doing this second part. I provide three basic services around information: I understand your information needs. I find information you need. I translate information to help you understand why you need it.

What I’d really like is to partner up with some savvy aggregator dudes and just help with the translation: Robert and co?


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