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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

About 100 people (give or take 50) read this blog everyday. And I don’t have a clue what you’re coming here to see.

Outside of John Husband, Kevin, Alan, Evelyn Rodriguez, John Jantsch (only because I poked fun of him), and about five guys enamoured with their penises, new pharmaceuticals, and poker – I haven’t even heard a murmur from the bleachers.

I do this for two reasons. First, because I wanted to see if these ideas sang with anyone – it sings with 100 silent people per day. Second, because it’s a perfect incentive for me to actually do something with all the stuff I read.

But why do you come?


I guess I’ll poke my head in and say hi. I’ve been subscribed to your feed since mid-November, but have never posted a comment. I read a large number of blogs (~250) so I rarely have the time to add comments. Just wanted to say keep up the good work :)


Hi Jason. I’ve been lurking on your blog too.

Your link to sift pops up in my logs once or twice a month. I think that’s how I found you.

What are you finding here that keeps you coming back?

I’m not mining for compliments. I want to understand what readers are coming to get.

Found your blog through a PubSub search, and now I read it in Feedmarker, my RSS aggregator/bookmarks manager (www.feedmarker.com). Your post titled “Be amazing and make up for it” was the one that got me to click ‘subscribe’.

Hello bruno,

Good to hear from you. It is especially helpful to point out the trigger inducing post. I was a bit reluctant to post that more personal, less entrepreneurial story.