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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Thomas Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain

“The wonderful thing about France is how all her perfections harmonize so fully together. She has possessed all the skills, from cooking to logic and theology, from bridge-building to contemplation, from vine-growing to sculpture, from cattle-breeding to prayer: and possessed them more perfectly, separately and together, than any other nation.”

Whether or not you agree with Merton’s loving description of his homeland – More perfectly, separately and together is a beautiful way to describe proportion.

When I read this I immediately thought of business. Not business the enterprise but business the art. As in any other art, proportion matters to business and it is little recognized.

Often the entrepreneur is not a master of insights or innovations but a master of proportions. This much finesse, a touch of brazen marketing, 3/4 of quality and some blasphemous ambition: success.

I constantly marvel at the things my entrepreneurial friends can sell. As an academic/theorist/tactician I’ve trained myself to fight to the heights of perfection.

Perfection doesn’t sell but proportion does.

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