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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Here’s a quick and dirty summary some work I’ve been doing with a company. I use some simple analysis to illustrate the impact of sift.

By the start of 2004 the company was two years old and employed five people. Around this time my company, sift, started to help develop and execute strategies. Over the past year sift provided:

  • 17 e-zine articles,
  • 43 national newspaper articles,
  • 4,800 words of web text and 18,000 words of print, and
  • More than 200 updates on emerging trends.

It’s tough to separate the influence of sift from the natural growth this young company would enjoy without any help at all. The company was already on a rapid growth curve before sift delivered a single product.

But, like any good marketer, I use this analysis to liberally hog the credit for almost every whiff of success.

I’ve tried to be plainly honest and avoid any suave economic juggling. In the end it’s plain that a two-year sample from the life of this small is insufficient to do much more than muse about possible impacts.

What happened in 2004?

  • In the figures, revenue is on an index using the month closest to the annual average (September in this case).
  • In 2004, the company averaged about $9,000 more per month relative to 2003.
  • In 2004, annual revenue increased 33%.
What about plain old growth?

  • To avoid being mysterious, I ran the index from January 2003 to December to 2004 and used October 2003 as the base year. This helps show the year-by-year growth.
  • On the right the linear trendline is gradually increasing.
  • Though it falters a bit, growth really begins in earnest around May – June 2004.
So what drove these results?

  • sift – at least in part.
  • Starting in March sift began providing strategic advice to this company.
  • Preceding the June peak, sift rewrote the company website.
    • Consultations rose 38%.
    • Web traffic jumped 41%.
  • Starting in September, sift wrote 17 articles which the company submitted to a national newspaper.
    • Consultations rose 29%.
    • Web traffic jumped 16%.
  • In October sift also began editing the company’s weekly e-zine.
    • When articles were picked up by the Globe & Mail, msn.ca, and other magazines – web traffic sky-rocketed by as much as 300%.


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