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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Scott Kisner, a contributing editor at Fast Company, has an interesting piece on what he calls “pure entrepreneurship.”

He says pure entrepreneurship “is often driven by a belief that a major shift is coming — and thus it’s hard to find customers who already understand that they need the product a pure entrepreneur is developing.” For this reason most pure entrepreneurs forsake market analysis and head straight into production.

He quotes Dan Brinklin, developer of VisiCalc, who says “Something just clicks, and you say, ‘This is worth doing, and I think other people will be interested’. It hits you that there’s a need, and that pursuing it is worth the risk.”

But what I found most interesting is a line nearly lost in the middle of the text: “In February, [Brinklin] left Atlanta-based Interland, which had acquired his last company, to return to pure entrepreneurship.”

It’s a rare, wise entrepreneur that understands herself well enough to walk away.

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