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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Sharp post by John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing (by the way don’t go to his main page with Firefox, that pop-up he has is super annoying – bad marketing John! Update: John fixed his pop-up!).

In a post he’s named “Sing like you don’t need the money” John writes:

“Generate more leads, more opportunities, more clients than you can possibly serve, and then raise your prices.

Here’s the theory – If I have more demands on my time than I can meet. I can look someone squarely in the eye and name my price, because I don’t “have” to get the order. It also allows you to work only with clients you enjoy.

Too many business owners find themselves enslaved by maniac clients that rob them of their value. Just say no can apply to marketing too.

… nothing is more appealing than security. If a potential client sniffs even a whiff of desperation, your selling effort will move away from your terms and you won’t have the guts to name your price.

So, the moral of the story? No matter how much business you think you have, no matter how many times the phone rings in a day, keep generating new leads and opportunities.

The only way to demand more for the same effort is to create more demand for more or you. And then, sell like you don’t need the money”.

More options than you can handle. Good advice.


Thanks for the comments about my blog! On the pop-up issue – not bad marketing – at this point trade-off marketing. I love Firefox and am an avid user but I know that I am in the minority (but growing) at this point I haven’t been able to get that slide in script to work in Firefox so it mangles the effect. The problem is that it works perfectly in IE and generates 500% more sign-ups to my newsletter than anything else I tested. I will get the Firefox issue fixed as I want to world to use Firefox but good marketing does involve understanding where the market is not simply fighting where you want it to be. Keep up good work on your blog!


Hey John, thanks for coming by. I was mostly taking a fun poke, not really calling you out on this, but since you brought it up:

Is 25M users of Firefox a minority? On my site (which isn’t representative) the largest single group, 37 percent, use Firefox.

This is part of the generating many leads idea you described, right? That’s cool that the banner works for you. And it’s good that IE looks perfect. But access to 25M viewers seems to be worth the effort.

Part of generating leads is making it easy to sign up (I know, I know, it works in IE). But instead of fixing it, you wrote 1) a post about generating leads and 2) a note to me telling me why your banner doesn’t suck.

Part of not fighting the market (and doing good marketing) means not making the market fight to read your marketing.

I like your blog though.

Hey John, I see you fixed your pop-up. Great. Why not leave a note here in two months saying how many sign-up come from Firefox users? That’d be an interesting stat and would settle this micro-debate handedly.