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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

At Seb’s Open Research, Sébastien writes a beautiful, aching post about intellectual entrepreneurship.

I commented that intellectual entrepreneurship was a cool way to approach the challenge of sharing innovation and insight with people. But I agreed that few would be ready to listen.

One thing I’ve learnt here is that people like the idea of innovation but they’re not too keen on its disciplines. And even less enthusiastic about its action.

The key is hiding intellectual entrepreneurship inside practical entrepreneurship. Instead of telling entrepreneurs about the philosophy or brilliance of a proposition, just talk about what it’s going to get them in the end.

The intrinsic value of innovation shines through.

I asked Sébastien, and I’ll leave the same question here: What have you learnt about articulating innovation? What angles are working? What aspects are significant to the people you talk with?

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