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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I watched this video clip a few minutes ago and immediately decided it is important. It just isn’t clear why.

Here’s where I’m at so far:

This guy, James Jones, has made a triple play on valuable of information.

Nailing it at first he lays out why the information he holds is valuable. Catching me rounding second he repackages someone else’s information and puts it in my hands. Stomping onto third he closes the door and makes the transition from zero knowledge to niche exploitation.

The why of information, the form of information, and the use of information – three keys to successful information play.

So, why’s this important?

Well, many entrepreneurs hold valuable information (including me). And all of us struggle to clearly nail why someone else ought to car.

Even when we have good buy-in on the information we hold, we fail to leverage the information around us. Repackaging knowledge we use and giving it to our clients is good for everybody.

Finally, telling the newly endowed knowledge holder what to do with the information they now holder is where almost every entrepreneur (including me) falls flat.

Any other ideas or lessons I missed?

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