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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Andrew Phelps has a great idea. B-Side games. The idea is to package experimental games in the same boxes as the already popular. It’s an effort to drive innovation and fringe seeking. While I like that idea, I’m really interested in the application in other areas and services.

Particularly excited because now I have a hip, new descriptor for sift.

“What? Oh, sift is a b-side experiment.”

sift is packaged beside my real job. It’s my attempt to package something innovative and experimental within something unthreatened by failure. As I go along I realize how powerful it is to assure people that I just love the gig. I don’t mind if my idea or experiment stinks. That’s the point – the not minding (not the stinking).

Being experimental frees me up – I’ll try anything. It gives me the space to play my game. When all the boundaries come down, everything is an option and any idea is worth a peek. Suddenly I’m able to make connections where none existed. I don’t have to be right, so I use intuition, and then I’m right more often.

What’s the application for business? First, have a flagship and don’t threaten it with any craziness on the side. Second, differentiate your products (this one’s hot, this one’s nuts). Third, seek the fringe when it doesn’t count. If you don’t then your business won’t count for long.