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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

So, this sells.

It sells not just because TED is cool but getting to see that guy and see TED and see the people raving is way more persuasive than reading about it. How expensive could it be to do this as a small company? I’d love to know the cost.

Call me nerdy but it reminded me of the R2D2 holographic image of Princess Leia. You know, the part where she begs Obi-Wan to come save her planet.

Imagine how compelling Leia would have been if Obi-Wan had read that in an email. Even IM might not have lit his saber. If she rattled her plea into his Bell Mobile Messaging Service – she’d have been stardust. Rescuing a planet is hard work; you don’t do that for just anybody.

Her message sold because he could see her angst and hear her pleading voice. Plus she had those crazy buns in her hair and they obviously merit a heroic gesture.

Text leaves room for spinning so I’m always tempted to discount the rhetoric – I can’t easily sense its sincerity. But when you’re standing there in front of me doing your schpiel, I can make the call right quick.

Young companies: leverage this opportunity. I know a few entrepreneur’s that are amazing in person but fall flat on their text. Use this format to grab the edge that’s made you successful everywhere else.

It might take a chomp out of my revenues too, but hey, I’m my own best predator.

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