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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I followed the crowd of slavering Hugh fans to Creating Passionate Users cause, you know, I want to be cool too.

Blind enthusiasm is being replaced by a healthy criticism of Hugh’s, and now Kathy’s, arguments. Headlines like “The Ignorance Premium is Dead!” and “The Future is Not Learning!” now draw heavy-lidded scrutiny instead of bubbling glee.

Kathy’s right: What rocked yesterday can land with a dull thud today. But is the real lesson: We need to unlearn?

She talks about a Go player, Bert. Bert’s sold on the concept that to progress, his tactics and strategies need to evolve. But is Bert unlearning or is he reapplying successful principles in a more sophisticated environment?

As in Go, entrepreneurs do best if they base their actions on principles of human nature.

What you do with a principle will change; the principles remain constant.

Kathy’s Parelli horsemanship program is based on the nature of horses. Use a saddle or ride bareback, sit or stand on their backs, eating grass or attacking the Huns – horses are horses. Understand a horse; ride better. Understand people; be a better entrepreneur.

We don’t need to unlearn anything. We need to drive from principles instead of actions we’ve learned by rote.

We need to be instead of do.

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