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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

An interesting comment by Jon about architecture. He was writing about how to use blogs in a corporation and after explaining how he’d introduce them he said, “I’d then consider using blogs in an intelligently architected way …”

Intelligently architected. Reminds me of Christopher Alexander; not that I’ve read any of his books. But Robert Paterson has and he says that Alexander points out 15 keys for architecting things to have life:

1. Levels of scale, 2. Strong centers, 3. Boundaries, 4. Alternating repetition, 5. Positive space, 6. Good shape, 7. Local symmetries, 8. Deep interlock and ambiguity, 9. Contrast, 10. Gradients, 11. Roughness, 12. Echoes, 13. The void, 14. Simplicity and calm, 15. Non-seperateness.

Alexander says that these are critical for design and living structure. These are the patterns of living things.

Patterns are included in Alfred Kroeber and Clyde Kluckhohn’s definition of culture. Their analysis of world cultures concluded that culture is “a product; is historical; includes ideas, patterns and values; is selective; is learned; is based upon symbols; and is an abstraction from behaviour and the products of behaviour.”

Living structures. We want more of this in our buildings, our businesses: our culture. It seems then that if one wants a living corporate blog, incorporated in an intelligently architected way – then it must be created within the ideas, patterns, values and abstractions of behaviour within that corporation. That’s a tall, tall order and it certainly won’t help if all future progress is left to the ravages of natural selection.

… now what’s my point? Not sure yet. Just that these ideas are connected. Guess I’ll wheelbarrow it.


…. “within that corporation”, and its eco-system of governance, stakeholders, customers and suppliers ? … depending on purpose(s) ?

Great synthesis, Jeremy … I think you’re thinking like a social and economic architect. Rob, in a Skype conversation the other day, has vigorously urged meto read Alexander’s most recent work. Think I’ll go to Chapter’s in the next few days ;-)

Hey thanks. If you do buy – chapter online is way more affordable than anyone else (or was seven days ago).

The difference was so large and I anticipate Alexander’s book being so popular, I was tempted to quit work and buy from Chapters and sell to Abe Books. Little bit of arbitrage on the side.

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