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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Today’s National Post reports that half of Canada’s 2.5 million entrepreneurs are hoping to retire in the next 15 years. A whopping 500,000 plan to retire in the next five years.

That’s nearly half of Canada’s small business owners and $1.2-trillion in assets is about to change hands.

This suggests three opportunities:

1) There’s room for new players.

2) There’s a staggering opportunity to leverage exiting knowledge.

3) Transition, acquisition, merger, and takeover at the small business level will be hot.

Small business is usually forgotten in a world of roiling corporate paramountcy. But the niche of the gods is the playground of the mortals.

$1.2 trillion is quite the niche.


cute one … intentional ? “exiting” knowledge, or “existing” knowledge ?


Thanks for the clarification … understood.