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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

In the vein of “eat right, eat less, and exercise more” here are three unpackaged principles for innovative ideas.

Robert Tucker wrote “Driving Growth through Innovation” and an article in The Futurist back in March/April 2003.

Tucker gave us seven strategies. There are three principles:

Make the pool bigger. To increase new ideas seek input from employees, customers and suppliers.

Look out, not in. Look across fields and industries for ideas that can cross-pollinate. Be a copy-cat.

Look in the dark, not in the light. What’s hard to find is hard to see. Expect that. Look at customer’s customers, competitor’s customers, past customers, and customers in other fields.

The entrepreneurs I work with struggle to let the outside inside. They think they’ve got to have it all figured out first.

But I’m a customer and you’ve got two ways to treat me: Ignore me or ask for my help.

I’m already paying, I want it to be better – I am going to help you. Just don’t be a hoser and ask me to fill in a bloody survey.

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