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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Tribal business is short-form for a movement away from mammoth corporate type jobs toward minute, niche-oriented lifestyle changes.

A great example of this is described in a November 2004 MSN article.

The author paints the picture of Bill Wilson, a 35-year-old financial planner who moved out instead of up.

Bill and his family bought a winery and there are others who see opportunities in agriculture too.

The article says that Membership in the American Cheese Society has doubled since 2001. Small wineries sell more than 66 of wines that cost more the $15 per bottle. In 2003 alone, shipments of wine quadrupled. And none of these niches compete with or work for large agriculture corporations.

By doing this from start to finish on a small scale they achieve exceptionally high premiums. They are leveraging limited acreage and their lifestyle to their advantage.

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