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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

Dear entrepreneur,

If you’re someone I want to work with, you don’t have time to read this. I’ll keep it short: If you want to keep innovating, you need my help.

My guess is around three years ago you had a bright idea and lots of ambition – it worked out and now you’re enormously busy. Whatever you had was good enough at the beginning when it was just you and your challenges, but today you’re a manager, a coach, a judge, a financier, a borrower, a lender – and have no time to do any of those things well.

While you struggle to keep your head above water, first to go is broad reading, then focused researching, and then, worst of all, strategic thinking. You’re fighting just to keep up.

Most start-ups fail right where you are now. Your business is entering a growth cycle you haven’t seen before and most entrepreneurs don’t have the skills or time needed to see their business through this stage. One of the biggest reasons for failure is the inability to pay attention to the keys that made you successful in the beginning: insight and innovation.

sift can help. sift is about fetching philosophy, mining knowledge, and a return to thinking — on your behalf. I think, you stay innovative and strategic. Sound good? Click here.

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