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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I live in Ottawa. Today President Bush came to visit.

H-O-L-Y C-O-W! Cops: everywhere. Helicopters and airplanes all over the place. Super cool snipers sneaking around rooftops. Dogs, barricades, security checks, blinders, tents to get in and out of cars, they even shut down this main street running through the heart of the city. Like putting a clamp on your carotid artery.

If there’s a guy that understands dynamic systems and organic organizations it’s the person running security around here. Man I’d love to meet whomever it is. Think of all that complexity, all those dynamic relationships, all that roiling real-time information.

Whatever system the President’s security team uses has to have some pretty neat applications. Think close: political campaigns or major band tours. Think far out: traffic solutions or managing bandwidth on suddenly viral sites.

Sound naïve? I recently had the opportunity to ask an older, highly successful entrepreneur for his best advice. Here it is: find a problem, fix it.

Can’t say I was impressed. But I smiled politely and we kept on chatting.

Further into the conversation he tells me about a problem he’d solved, the intricate system he built to keep it solved, and his staggering profit upon the system’s sale.

Suddenly I saw his point. Fix it – permanently. The unstated corollary: make the solution into a system, sell the system.

Think Google, Froogle, Google Scholar, Adwords – replicated systems. Profit juggernauts.

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