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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

One of my clients helps people make career decisions and he’s great at it. He’s also a great entrepreneur. A few years ago he was a top 40 under 40 entrepreneur.

Two nights ago we were draining glasses in a moderately swank fusion restaurant, discussing the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs. He was telling me all the tricks of entrepreneurial success. Boiled down, here they are:

The hard part, he says, is continuing to see the big picture while struggling with the daily grind, constant push for products, and mind-numbing concentration required to consistently deliver a consistent outcome.

I thought this was great stuff, got all excited, and started evangelising some of the ideas I’ve written about here. Paradigms. Tribal business. Potent principles. These ideas always get this guy going and we ended up pounding out two new products for his company before we were done.

We were just wrapping up, quietly staring about the place, pondering our chat when Alan sighs out this blast of pent-up energy and says, “You know I’m flying at around 10,000 feet. When we talk, you take me up to 300,000 feet. It makes a huge difference, thanks.”

Heh. Always nice to hear that.

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