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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I’ve been pondering the goofiness of biorhythms. Not because I think they work – but because I think they should work. I just think that what’s out there right now is simplistic and running everything off my birthday is absurd. The point is that humans cycle. I know I do.

Everyday for the last nine years I wrote in a journal. Each morning I characterize the weather (overcast, chilly, calm), I note my mood (creative or philosophical or apathetic – etc.), and then I write. By now I can almost predict my mental and physical cycles. And assuming I’m not a statistical outlier – given the right data, I could track someone else’s.

I’ve also been chatting over email with Evelyn Rodriguez about innovation, insight and the incubation thereof. I’d read about her Nevada trip and pinged on her incubation trips. Given the deep need for innovation that I briefly mentioned earlier – anything that enhances innovation is worth some attention.

So there’s natural human cycles, incubation periods, and innovation. Shouldn’t we know more about this? The economic significance of a better understanding is difficult to overestimate. Consider the challenges we face and the dearth of solutions we’re playing with.

Imagine: we’re in the desert dying of thirst. Incredibly, we’re standing bucket in hand, with a well at our feet. Problem is – we don’t know how to use the bucket and aren’t plumbing the well. The desert’s our challenge, the well is our brain, the bucket’s our knowledge – what’s missing? A process of innovation.

Lucky for me – lucky for us – I meet Ed Bernacki today. Who’s Ed? Look here.

We’re crammed full of potential solutions and Ed’s off in the right direction. I’m looking forward to learning something from him real soon.

By the way, it looks like five days from now I’m going to peak physcially, emotionally, and passionately AND, at the same time, become incredibly stupid – yikes!


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