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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I wrote earlier about Maslow’s challenge for a new kind of human. In “A Holistic Approach to Creativity” he describes our progress toward that goal:

It has been interesting for me to compare the present-day situation in the field of creativeness with the situation about twenty or twenty-five years ago (1945-1950). First of all I want to say that the amount of data that has been accumulated – the sheer amount of research work – is far beyond what anybody could reasonably have expected then.

My second impression is that, in comparison with the great accumulation of methods, of ingenious testing techniques, and of sheer quantity of information, theory in this realm has not advanced very much.

Reading further, Maslow calls for revolution in the ways we edify our children. He seeks alternatives to redeem the many ways in which creativity is daily pounded from us. And of all he suggests, I can see none that we’ve adopted.

That means one of two things. Maslow was wrong. Or, the inertia of education systems and business process was impervious to his advice. Because I don’t know of any solutions, I believe we chose door number two. Shame on us.

What are you learning that puts your business in a position to take advantage of all that underused research? Nothing? Shame on you.

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