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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

I’ve always been intrigued by efficiency, especially in my personal life. I regularly stroll sites kept up by efficiency fanatics (43 folders) and thoroughly enjoy the idea of “life hacks”.

Over and over again, I see tactics on how to choose between urgent, important, and negligible. Renamed in funky way, but generally the same. But, absent from the field is a discussion of the never urgent, rarely important but energy sucking worries of everyday life. Like: need to get that damn door to stop squeaking, need to call about renewing car insurance – in six months, should really invest that $10k in our chequing account. Sure, these issues eventually become urgent or important but until then, they really eat up my subconscious bandwidth.

I’m thinking about how this applies to business. I understand the organisation doesn’t have the same worry function, but it does have loads of people wandering around thinking about all the low-level, eventually important chores of work. It would be interesting to measure the efficiency gains from developing a mechanism to handle these issues.

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