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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

When I was in university I used to love swinging by this guy’s site: Analog Cereal. He was on this quest to “party like a rock star”. I’ve never wanted to be a rock star – but the party part sounded fun.

Why want to be a rockstar? There’s the obvious stuff. Rich. Venerated. Ladies/men all hot. But that can’t be all. There’s lots of rich, venerated jerks out there that I don’t want to be like. I think it’s the party.

NewYorkMetro.com has an effervescent article about Donny Deutsch, CEO of Deutsch. Certified by AdAge.com as the rock star of advertising. If you read the article, beneath all the veneer of a rich and decadent lifestyle, Donny seems like an average kind of guy. Likes fights, swearing and scratching. So where’s his edge, what’s the lesson? Again, I think it’s the party.

So, what’s the party? I think right deep at the core the party is a celebration of being. It’s the intentional freeing of ourselves. Throw off the restraining belts, toss away the unnatural brands we’ve built for ourselves, and rock.

Sounds simplistic and it’s not clearly a business principle right? Gimme a sec.

We’re sidling toward change. Check out what Steve Heyer, Chief Operating Officer, Coca-Cola Company, said in his Keynote Speech at Advertising Age:

Coca-Cola is headed to ideas … intellectual property … use a diverse array of entertainment assets to break into people’s hearts and minds … moving to ideas that elicit emotion and create connections … no longer just intellectual property, [we’re moving toward] emotional capital.

In a networked economy, ideas, concepts, and images are the items of real value.

But Heyer is never clear on how to grab that emotional capital. He doesn’t suggest the path to something that really resonates. For that we should look to Hugh McLeod at gapingvoid.com. He’s suddenly caught an edge. He’s written a long and philosophical look at creativity. And the blog community has gone wild for it. In it he writes that people respond to “the humanity, not the form. The voice, not the form. Put your whole self into it, and you will find your true voice. Hold back and you won’t. It’s that simple.” Rock out.

An interesting note, look at Analog Cereal’s new site. I won’t be back.

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