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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

My name is Jeremy Heigh. I am a husband, father, son, brother, friend, reader, thinker, economist, investor, gamer, artist, writer, and young man.

I liked school and have three degrees. The last is an M.Sc. in environmental economics. I enjoy thinking and got paid to think on behalf of the Government of Canada, BASF, several commodity groups, and tonnes of small companies.

For the last two years I ran a portfolio of investments in the bioindustrial products space – investing in pre-commercialization of clean technologies. I helped craft national policy for three years. I helped Canada tackle BSE. I helped soybean growers revolutionize their industry. I’ve written for the Globe and Mail, National Post, and economic journals. I started three successful companies. I was once a great tree planter. And I make a nice cup of coffee.

I’m good at analyzing and refining innovation – I can translate those insights in a way almost anyone can understand. I make new ideas work better. I can see where new things will end up and fiddle around with how to get there. I think, write, and speak very well. I understand the brilliance in people and get a bang from inviting them to be great.

I like philosophy, stuff about how people learn and understand, animal behaviour, graffiti, scotch, science fiction, movies, modern architecture, and probably surfing.

At the moment I work on a handful of products. I am helping a private company identify which of several emerging technologies it should pursue. I am back helping the government lead in driving new technologies in two commodity crops. I am helping two companies get their next stage of financing. And in between I’ve started planning to do something by summer in foresight and M&A across ma’n’pa businesses.

Busy busy.

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Jeremy- My name is David Andreatta and I am a reporter with the Globe and Mail. I would like to speak with you regarding a post of yours that referenced your taking a “tech sabbatical.” I am interested in writing a story about tech sabbaticals and am searching for Canadians who have taken them. Please write me at dandreatta@globeandmail.com if you’re interested in speaking with me. Thanks for your time.