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, written by Jeremy. Read the commentary.

In another article in the 2 September 2004 issue of Nature Gautam Desiraju describes the process through which he discovered the birth of crystal engineering which today is one of the principle challenges of modern chemistry. His story is one of irreverence, curiosity, and discomfort – prime ingredients for innovation.

In 1983 Gautam was studying crystal structure determination but a strong inclination for unconventionalism led him to team up with two other researchers poking around in the then unrecognized field of crystal packing. Tucked away in a warehouse full of art projects, this team of three discovered the first principles for designing organic solids with specific physical and chemical properties. Gautam credits his discovery to a heady mixture of midsummer madness and willingness to question existing concepts and paradigms.

Through sift I can ask irreverent questions. I often suggest audacious solutions. All of which is supported by unfettered curiosity. I want to see if it’s measurably valuable to entrepreneurs when I bring together the ingredients for innovation.

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